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Achieve stunning interior design with our exceptional false ceiling solutions. Our innovative products allow for seamless concealment of home lines and cables, while also providing ample space to display lighting fixtures in an aesthetically pleasing manner. With improved resistance to water and heat, our false ceiling solutions offer effective dust minimization and soundproofing capabilities. Trust in our reputation as the most advanced and dependable false ceiling contractor in Singapore, built through years of experience and a commitment to unparalleled service.

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False Ceiling Services

Our false ceiling contracting services cater to a variety of sectors, including residential, commercial, and maintenance projects. False ceilings, also known as drop-down ceilings, serve as an additional layer to enhance lighting and beautify living or working spaces. They are a popular choice for homes and offices seeking to add style, character, and improved lighting. Additionally, false ceilings serve the practical purpose of concealing electric wires, enabling installation of multiple LED lights or decorative fixtures for a seamless appearance.

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Design & Installation

Our team of skilled professionals possesses comprehensive knowledge and expertise in their craft. They oversee the entire process, from planning and design to installation, to ensure optimal comfort and satisfaction for our clients. We offer custom-built false ceilings in a range of sizes and shapes, complete with a seamless finish suitable for painting or laminating. Our false ceiling installation process is hassle-free and handled by our experienced contractors, who will create a design tailored to the unique conditions of your living space.


We offer professional repair services for existing false ceilings, restoring them to pristine condition. Our repair services are sought after for various reasons, such as patching back false ceilings after servicing storage water heaters, fixing water-damaged false ceilings, patching cracks, repairing stains or discolouration, and addressing peeling paint issues. Our team of experts is equipped to tackle all these challenges and ensure your false ceiling looks as good as new.

Cove Ceiling

Cove lights have become a popular choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of residential false ceilings in Singapore. With a diverse selection of designs available, a cove light ceiling can add a stunning touch to your home interiors.

Selecting the ideal decorative lights and fixtures can be a daunting task, given the vast range of options available. However, collaborating with an experienced contractor can simplify the process of selecting the perfect cove lighting for HDB flats.

We provide high-quality cove ceiling and lighting installations at affordable prices, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

Partition Wall Services

Gypsum board interior drywall partitions are not only cost-effective solutions for creating separate spaces for various purposes, such as dividing an open-plan kitchen into a separate dining or living room, or creating an extra bedroom or bathroom. They also function as highly efficient thermal insulators that are five times more effective than concrete walls, contributing to greater energy efficiency for air conditioning systems, which can help lower power bills through reduced usage.

Office Partition Services

With the right office partitioning solutions, even a small office area can be transformed into a functional and elegant workspace that leaves a lasting impression. Using materials such as glass panels and false walls or ceilings, an office can be divided into separate sections, including private rooms, conference areas, board rooms, and small reception areas. Careful planning and practical ideas can create the perfect look for any office space.

To achieve remarkable outcomes from an office renovation project, it’s essential to consult with the best in the field of office partitioning. These experts can provide brilliant ideas that enhance the professional appearance of an office while boosting productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, you can discuss your preferences for materials or partition ideas with them. Contact the right experts today to achieve exceptional results from your office renovation project.

Residential Partition Services

With the rising popularity of open floor plans in modern apartments, homeowners often seek innovative ways to divide their living spaces while maintaining privacy and style. Fortunately, there are numerous creative options for both temporary and permanent room partitions, utilizing popular materials like glass, wood, and cement walls. In this guide, we’ll share the latest partition wall trends that add texture and dimension to your home, while providing privacy.

Partition walls offer a convenient solution for creating extra space when needed, without the cost and inconvenience of concrete walls. Compared to concrete walls, room partitions are more affordable and can be easily removed or relocated, making them a practical choice for homeowners undergoing renovations or makeovers.

Additionally, there are various living room partition wall designs available, ideal for those seeking to divide a large living room into smaller sections. Trust us to deliver the most innovative partitioning solutions that meet your unique needs and elevate your living spaces.

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