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Experience the superiority of Fresh Paint, trusted by customers for over 10 years. If you’re seeking to elevate the appearance of your walls with a harmonious blend of colours, our team of HDB painting specialists and colour consultants are on hand to offer professional colour matching services. Whether you’re dealing with paint fading, flaking, chalking, efflorescence, holes or cracks, we possess the expertise to provide consultation services. Painting HDBs can be intricate, with challenging corners, crevices and small rooms requiring an expert touch and professional service. Our team has extensive experience in painting HDBs, consistently delivering outstanding results that leave customers thrilled. We recognise the powerful impact that colour has on a room’s atmosphere, which is why we offer a wide selection of colours to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

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Painting Your HDB Flat

Using fresh paint can enhance the appearance of your house, make it look brighter, and last longer. Renovating an HDB flat can be expensive, especially when working within a tight budget, which makes it difficult to upgrade a resale or rundown house. By only providing painting services for your home interiors, you can change the ambiance of your rooms or the entire house.

Our HDB painting services aim to provide affordable solutions to middle and lower-middle-class families. We understand the impact of colours on everyday mood and offer a colour palette that provides a long-lasting and beautiful finish on walls. Our paints offer higher coverage over distempers, resulting in a superior finish at pocket-friendly prices. We use high-quality paints and expert techniques that prevent walls from developing patches due to constant rubbing or cleaning. Our paints are highly resistant to dirt and tough stains, increasing durability and reinforcing the strength of the paint. With our services, you can easily adorn your walls with the right colour palette, making your HDB home look richer and more premium.

Choosing the best paint for your home isn’t a straightforward task. Most paint service providers in Singapore offer a wide range of paint quality options from good to best. Will you need to paint the entire house, bathrooms, or just specific rooms? This information will assist us in providing you with the best advice and prices.

teal feature wall
industrial wall paint
scandi pastel living

Estimated Durations

3-room flat4-room flat5-room flatMansionette
2- 3 days2- 4 days2- 4 days4 -6 days

Recommended Paints

Having a clear idea of your preferred paint colors or texture can make the painting process run more smoothly. It’s important to keep in mind that the paint color samples printed in books or displayed on computer screens may not always be an exact match, so use them as a guide only.

If you require further advice on color selection, it’s best to check with the professional painter. Additionally, you can ask if they could provide paint samples before commencing the work.

Odourless Easy WashOdourlessEasy Wash3 in 1 MedifreshVinyl Silk
Almost no odourAlmost no odour Washable (suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance)Anti bacteria Silky sheen finish (medium shine)
Washable (suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance)Washable (suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance)Low sheen finish (light shine)Low sheen finish (light shine)Vinilex 5000
Low sheen finish (light shine)Matte finish Telfon Technology (surface protector)Classic matte finish
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