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Landed Painting Services

Landed properties are undoubtedly a valuable asset class for owners in Singapore. Since painted exteriors can last for several years, it’s essential for property owners to engage professional painters.

Our team has decades of experience providing top-notch painting services for landed houses in Singapore. With our reputable certifications and years of experience, we’re fully equipped to paint both the interior and exterior of your home. Whether you’re looking to impress visitors or create a comfortable atmosphere, we’ve got you covered.

If you want your property to appear its best, paint is the way to go. A new coat of paint not only improves its aesthetics and curb appeal, but also shields surfaces from weather-related damage or wear. Brick and stucco houses are common in many neighbourhoods across Singapore, but they lack character when left unprotected from weathering, which could prompt people to seek out new homes.

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Painting Your Landed Property

Our homes require some maintenance or renovation every now and then. As time passes, particularly for landed properties like bungalows, terrace houses, and semi-detached houses, the exterior surface endures a lot of damage due to continuous exposure to rain and sunlight. Nothing revitalises the exterior of your home more effectively and swiftly than a new layer of paint.

To assist you in building the home of your dreams, we provide a broad variety of hues and paint kinds. For bigger homes, choose the appropriate colours, patterns, and designs is essential since they establish the mood and concept of the building. Our expert team can advise on the best paint and colour schemes to complement the design elements of your private property and create the desired feel. We specialise in identifying areas that have potential for grand design or require extra protection to prevent excessive repainting, ensuring the quality of our work and preserving the value of your property. Trust us to provide professional advice and quality results for your private property painting needs.

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Estimated Duration

At our painting service, we understand that private properties can be vast and require timely repainting without sacrificing quality. The length of time it takes to paint the house will depend on its size, including the interior and exterior area. To prevent the paint from deteriorating quickly, these elements must be coated and waterproofed. Our painting team will provide a comprehensive assessment of the surrounding materials, types of paint used, and application methods to ensure the longevity and durability of the paintwork. Trust us to provide expert painting services for all aspects of your private property in Singapore.

Recommended Paints

Paint functions as a barrier that shields your house from the weather. Any part of the house that is not painted or exposed will be susceptible to damage, such as weathering, rotting, or mildewing. Therefore, to provide an additional layer of protection, it is advisable to apply two coats of finish paint after the primer coat, rather than just one.

Pressure washing serves as a maintenance practice that eliminates accumulated dirt or mildew that can cause your paint to appear faded and discoloured. It is recommended to schedule a pressure wash for your exterior walls approximately five years after the painting service.

Odourless Easy WashOdourlessEasy Wash3 in 1 MedifreshVinyl Silk
Almost no odourAlmost no odour Washable (suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance)Anti bacteria Silky sheen finish (medium shine)
Washable (suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance)Washable (suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance)Low sheen finish (light shine)Low sheen finish (light shine)Vinilex 5000
Low sheen finish (light shine)Matte finish Telfon Technology (surface protector)Classic matte finish
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